VIP rewards didn't count towards BL3 weapon

About a week ago I redeemed a norfleet and Zane’s skin and neither added a check to my progress for the BL3 weapon. I figured ehh, maybe they’re not supposed to? But I just redeemed another norfleet and it counted, soooo any ideas? Any way I can get the progress for those two rewards cause now I have 4 total and those 2 would mean I’m 2 away from the BL3 weapon :sob: my reward history shows the 6 rewards I’ve gotten as well. Any help would be much appreciated :upside_down_face:

Don’t know what went wrong with that 1st Norfleet, but pretty sure the skins don’t count towards it, you need to redeem eight weapons.


You’re right, I just looked again and it says to redeem weapons. And I’ve only redeemed 4 weapons :neutral_face: thank you lol

But if you didn’t get a check for redeeming a weapon you should definitely contact GBX support about that

Is anyone else having a hard time claiming a weapon? I go to rewards and it will not allow me to claim a weapon with the randomizer.

Have you already claimed a weapon with the randomizer? You only get one oer season. Otherwise you select which weapon you want to redeem and it costs 4000 points per.

I redeemedTAO Norfleets.

And redeemed a second Absolute Zero after roling ine

Because why not?

I feel kind of silly, having redeemed a Torrent, when NF and AZ are clearly far and away the best purchases of the lot.

But hey - I rolled a Toothpick, for Season 2. :confused:

I have enough of those from farming the worms around the guaranteed Loot Midget, to fill a restaurant checkout dispenser.