VIP Rewards - Invite limit 25 lifetime only?


Would like to ask could you guys make invitation rewards at least 50 per month.

25 lifetime is just too little and if we redeem regularly golden keys it will run out pretty fast. :confused:

PS: Talking about


Slight sidetrack of this thread here but I just looked that up and the friend invite doesn’t work for me.
I click on the link and it’s highlighted but I can’t copy it. It’s not set as text and it looks like I’d need to actually write it down to get it. What gives?

For me copy / paste worked just fine.

25 seems fine. That’s 12,500 points, which depending on the rewards, might be a lot.

Only people who can benefit from more than that (or even that much) are content creators on Youtube/Twitch/etc which is a VERY small amount of people of the millions who will probably be in the VIP.

In conclusion. Only person who would ever need a higher limit are content creators and nobody else, ever.

I agree with this. I have no idea how I’ll ever get 25 people signed up through my link let alone upwards of 50 per month.

I already passed the limit within 1 day and have 11k left, but it’s not a lot considering 1.5k is for gold keys.

I mean, that’s great for you, but how many people can actually do that? Putting a cap on it prevents people from gaining a theoretical infinite amount of points… wait… ALL 25 in one day… back to back…while you still had other challenges such as look at their Instagram?.. that’s… suspicious…

(TL;DR: You won’t ever NEED more points than what they allot you through the system (probably).)

ANYHOW! Putting a cap on that means that people will need to spend their points wisely/needs will never surpass that total. For instance, I’m saving all my points for BL3. I don’t need/want wallpapers or more golden keys for BL2/TPS. I doubt I’ll need 12,000 points to get everything I want. The limit is probably a good indicator of how much each reward will be worth given how they’re probably not going to force players to choose ONE reward that costs 10000 points or somesuch.


I just spammed the link on right places :smile:

But I am sure that they will add legendary skin rewards which will cost 10k points.

At least 60+ people registered till now after those 25 and I will probably never receive those.

Maybe that’s why? To prevent people from just spamming the invite or creating spambots? IDK. I just find that putting a cap on it prevents people from pushing the limits and getting more than their fair share. Save some invites for the rest of us and such and such.

Plus, the more people who get 25 (or 50 or whatever) people to sign up, the fewer people there are left to sign up. Don’t want this all turning in to some form of Ponzi scheme!


I too hit the limit a few days ago. I feel like they should increase this amount also and adjust this current max cap as its not really game breaking in any way.

The current max reward would only be [25 limit x 500 points = 12,500 points ]
Average key cost = 1500 points which translates to maximum of 8.3 keys I can earn max when they typically give away keys at a crazy rate 5, 10, 25, most recently 100. Its really not that much in the grand scheme of things.

To the Argument that not everyone can achieve this so no reason to increase the limit.
Honestly those people probably don’t care about the program or are not willing to put in the work to advocate for it to earn it. Thats not really a good reason to not incentive people that do try to promote the Insider Program.

I managed to earned my max in a few days completely accidentally. I began sharing all the trailer keys with people and compiling a list during pax for the hidden codes to help people searching like mine. Then they released the VIP program and thru making efforts to just share info I had and kept reading about people chose to sign up thru my link. I am a nobody in terms of being a streamer or having a community following and did not spam for my sign-ups. Just a guy who cared about the game and wanted to help others like me hopefully not miss out on any codes. So anyone can achieve this if you really wanted to.

I am going to keep promoting the site and info because I care about BL and those bonus points were a really nice reward as a result of my efforts that kept me motivated which honestly by having an increased cap would not hurt anyone. Hell in most cases I use to open boxes for other players to help them gear up when I played online with all my extra keys.

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But… Gearbox told me to " SHARE THIS CUSTOM LINK ANYWHERE" and now they are limiting me when I’m sharing it. Not cool.

I don’t think they’re stopping you from sharing it, just profiting excessively from it? I mean, those people who registered because of you will also want to get at least 25 people to also register, right?

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Most of us won’t even be able to trick a single person into singing up, 25 seems like plenty.

Yeah, but I guess it should be stated in profile or in task page that the limit is 25 so the people doesn’t get disappointed or worry why they can’t progress.

The way I interpret Neps comment is for people motivated by earning signups there is no incentive to keep trying to get signups if you are not rewarded for them.

You also state its to stop people excessively profiting from it but if you read my comment I do not understand how you measure people earning additional keys at their current cost being excessive at the rate they give them out. It also is a co-operative game not competitive so even if one person could earn a lot of keys who does that even hurt? that person gets a benefit for their work and Gearbox benefits more people using that loyalty program which hopefully pushes them to invest more into it.

The Current Limit really is way too low for lifetime earns as Nep initially said. I agree with him.

Thanks for support, also I found a working bypass.

Unlink steam account from main account, create a new vip account and link the steam account to new one, and you will be able to again reach 13k points.

So I have several accounts, and when needed, just linking the steam account and redeeming stuff from whichever account you need.

@Nep Man I have to always give people credit where its due. If it can be broken it will be broken lol.

Thanks for the heads up but I do not want to go down that route of managing multiple accounts. I would really rather @gearbox take a look at this limit and revisit their current lifetime limit for this program and at least engage in a conversation around it.

Speaking of which, there’s one place where they wrote:

“Finally, don’t forget to claim your Early Adopter Pack once you’ve preordered so you can save up even more gear for Borderlands 3 on day one!”

Does anyone know where to claim the EAP, is it on the VIP site? I preordered the game…

Yes it is