VIP Rewards not getting credited

Can anybody provide some feedback on getting some help with the Borderlands VIP rewards? I’m trying to get to the 8 rewards redeemed so I can get the legendary Maliwan for Borderlands 3. So far its only showing that I’ve redeemed 3 rewards when I know I’ve done at least 5 or 6.

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Has to be 8 weapons, not the skins, heads or golden keys.

Though I think the bee and effervescent grenade/shield counts.

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Well now I’m more confused :joy:
I’ve only gotten 2 weapons (norfleet and Maggie) but its showing 3 rewards. Any tips on how to get 8 weapons?

Free weaponiser for each season, and 4,000 points for the others. The pre-order gets you one tick too.

I’ve got the pre-order tick, and the two from seasons 1 and 2 so far. Waiting on Season 3 and then I can get the other 4 weapons because you only need 16,000 points.

Lots of codes on MentalMars website.

This thread has information about it too.