VIP Rewards not showing up

Hey guys,

I just bought the game and tried to log-on to the VIP rewards section but there seems to be an issue with accessing/viewing the rewards. I Logged in with my Shift account however it takes me to a blackpage where the address bar is just a massive random number. Only thing i can do to move to my account page is by refreshing the page. Under activities, i have nothing. Only the option to invite friends. Under rewards, i have nothing but the season 1, 2 and 3 gatcha. Also under code redemption, i only have Shift Codes. Apparently I am meant to have more option. I have tried disabling ad block, I have tried using a different browser (with no adblock) I have tried making a new account, same deal and i also tried using mobile/tablet. Nothing seems to work.

Edit: just tried to refresh the page and got this “{“exception”:{“model”:null,“properties”:null}}”

Really need some help with this,