Vip rewards problems

I’ve got almost all of vip rewards:Fl4k’s head and skin,Zane’s head and skin,Moze’s head and skin,Amara’s head (have screens) , but shows that i got only Amara’s head. I can’t understand,does it mean that I won’t get other rewards or its just aren’t shown on the shift website?
I linked Epic Account after the getting rewards(almost all ,except the Amara’s head) , VIP account shows that I unlocked rewards,but shift acc shows only Amara’s

Same problem here, but i see only Moze’s head, got it yesterday.
The others (Fl4k and Zane) obtained weeks ago.

I got Moze and Flaks reppin skins and heads as well as two of the weapons yesterday and haven’t received any of it yet and shift account is showing that it’s in my rewards list.