VIP rewards question

Hello i’m only level 10 in tps atm, I would like to redeme the Ol’Painful weapon from the vip rewards 4,000 points.
Question, will that weapon also be level 10, if so ill wait until have ranked up before redeeming it.

Okay time to go level up first and thanks for the fast reply

Don’t use your points for it. It’s very easy to obtain, and kinda lame weapon. What platform are you playing? If PS4 I can give you one of my Ol’Painfuls.

If that’s a case, just pick Absolute Zero.

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I rolled the free weapon you can clain on the vip website and funnily enough thats the weapon it gave me.
shame im level 10 though

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As I said, it’s easy to obtain. Don’t worry, and you can always ask, maybe someone will have some spares. I have lvl 6, 16, 27 and 70.

You need to claim at least 4 VIP weapons if you want this Legendary gun in BL3. Right now is better to wait for Season 2 and 3 and new rewards. All the rewards will be available all the time.

Just got on the game, im a level 16 athena character. back to the Absolute Zero weapon, it says i got the gun and that it’s in the shift vending machine repository and will be the same level as the character that redeems it…
So i can leave it there and claim it once at a decent level :slight_smile:

Here is more info about it

Additional rewards and Weaponizers will be added when VIP Season 2 starts in July, at which time all the VIP Season 1 rewards will still be available.

Yes for TPS. For BL2 weapons it will be in the backpack of first loaded character.

All my characters Fine are maxed out and its showing the guns are level 10 for me