VIP rewards rotation

Feels like we’ve had these same rewards offered since the games release . Was there something I missed about only 3 seasons?

If you’re talking about the legendary and effervescent items you can redeem for 4000 points, there are no new items. You can and you could always farm them out ingame. Regarding BL3 VIP items, the Vault Hero legendary is the only one not farmable, and it only scales to level 12. The Daisy Marshal, Premium Poison Fastblast + and the Relentless Puma are purple rarity world drops. You can unlock each of them once on the site, and leave them in your mail for scaling to level 50, but I’m sure they get dropped way before reaching level 50 and if you got Mayhem Mode turned on, then you don’t need to spend those 4000 points. If you’re new to the game, or doing a new character playthrough, it might come handy, otherwise, no reason to unlock it. So answering your question, there aren’t any new items since the game release. This includes the skins, wallpapers etc. Nothing new yet.

Nope, they are set to lvl 10.

I unlocked the Daisy Marshal after game release, and that was some months ago :'D I don’t remember honestly. Maybe I’m confused, because the Deluxe Edition items can scale to level 50.

Yes, Deluxe Edition items are scaled to your level when you redeem them from mail, but the Season 3 VIP rewards are set to lvl 10. There is even info on rewards site.

Redeem VIP points to add purple-rarity weapons to your Borderlands 3 arsenal. They will be level 10 when you collect them in-game.

Whole VIP things were a promotional items before the game relaese, maybe they’ll add more/new before the Steam release.

Hopefully they bring on some new stuff. And I think they will, because sometimes they update it with activies you can check and still get some points for them, and there are permanent ones, checking the BL Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages. We will see.

Honestly I think they forgot it was a thing :sweat_smile: and it didnt really give out anything cool besides cosmetics. I’d be fine if they really don’t do anything with it.

Yeah, the weapons are useless, such a waste. I would have been better off not wasting my time earning VIP points. I’m glad the program is going away. It offered nothing of value but level 10 junk.