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I play Borderlands 2 on Steam PC, but I did not get the “Conference Call” weapon that I claimed.

I claimed some stuff through this Insider thing, claimed keys with codes, points with codes and all was fine, the keys arrived on my Steam account’s characters.

But my problem is that when it comes to weapons I spun the wheel for all 3 seasons, and from season 1 I got a Pitchfork for BL2 on 8/29/2019, but it’s 9/10/2019 now and it is still not on any of my characters.

Also I claimed a Conference Call for BL2 for Insider Points yesterday, but it is not on any of my characters either.

It did not ask me anything when I clicked on claiming the weapons.

The weapons did not appear in the game’s Extras/Shift Codes menu, but the keys and skins did.

Please help!

Pictures below.


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Same thing. I get my Toothpick from weaponizer, but don’t get Conference Call and Retainer that i bought yesterday. And my friend doesn’t get his The Bee.

There was a period from late August until very recently when rewards were not properly transferring from VIP to SHIFT and so not showing up in game. (There’s a monster thread in the Handsome Collection category about this.). The problem appears to be resolved now, but it’s not clear if the items redeemed earlier will now also show up. I would recommend filing a support ticket to seek clarification.


I also did not get ANTIFECTION, INFECTION CLEANER and TOOTHPICK. Help Gearbox.