VIP/Shift golden key rewards?

So I’ll start by saying I really hate this convoluted “reward” system. Why do I need 10 different logins and accounts to get “rewarded”? WTF can’t I do everything on the Gearbox account? I digress…

Anyway, I thought by registering and doing some survey on the SHiFT site that I would be getting some golden keys but I have not received any. Does anyone know if I’m supposed to do something else or have they just not all been sent out or did I misread what it said?

Did you also check the convoluted mail system?

Basically going into the pause menu navigating to social and past the shift tab is the mailbox where your keys will be likely.

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Yeah I did. No keys there.

As an aside to this I found some SHiFT codes online and redeemed them for 8 keys. I got the in-game mail for them and collected the mail. However, at the golden chest it is only showing as 1 available.

What i think is absolutely stupid is Randys’ dumb idea to have a shift code expire after 3 to 6 hours… Not everybody lives on frikkin Twitter.

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Agreed. Not everyone lives on twitter and even people who do live on twitter sure as hell don’t want to live on Randy Pitchford’s twitter account. Not everyone is on the same time zone, either. Also, why is he giving away more codes for Borderlands 1 and 2 than for Borderlands 3??? Jesus christ. It’s almost as if he is purposely trying to piss his customers off.