VIP/Shift Rewards Unclaimed

I’m new, so sorry if this isn’t the right place for this post. I am waiting to purchase the game until the release of the PS5 since I didn’t want to purchase a soon-to-be-outdated console to play. I’ve kept up with entering shift codes for golden keys and redeeming VIP Rewards, but I’m wondering if those items will be lost once the rewards program ends in May. Should I use a friends console to login and obtain the rewards? I figured the keys will still be there because it’s linked to the shift account but wasn’t sure. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

The Golden Keys stay in your Shift account forever, it seems (I still have codes I input in BL2, BL3, and TPS and can go pickup items in the chest any time now). Not sure about the VIP rewards as I haven’t paid much attention to them? Anything you pick up from the in-game chests is at the level you are when you pick them up so no rush to pick them up now (they’d be level 1).

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Thanks. I figured the keys would probably stay but the unique skins and guns may be lost. Ah well, I appreciate the feedback!