VIP System not working at all

I cant do anything at all with my VIP system. cant input codes, cant claim rewards. im logged in and have ad block off, yet still nothing. tried on 3 different browsers, nothing helped. am i missing something?

Having the same kind of issue here. I can access the main page, profile and activities page but trying to use a link to an activity or trying to enter the rewards page gives me back an error 404.
Haven’t used the site since maybe last week or just a little over a week so no idea when this error started. Ad blocks are disabled and i have cleared cache as well.

And now can’t even access any part of the website xD

Same thing. Cannot access any page to claim my codes. I do have access to claim the shift codes but nothing else! I’ve also clean my browser opened and closed my account several times nothing is Shifting. Does anybody have any idea of what to do?