VIP(vault insider program)Rewards for Borderlands 3

I’m curious if the VIP rewards program will ever get any more BL3 stuff,or a new season or something, 'cause right now seems abandoned.

Yep it’s a shame they haven’t been more involved with it. They keep putting out content so you can gain points but give you nothing worthy to spend them on. It could be such an awesome perk but really people are losing interest. They could put up a new legendary everyday or every week. Keep people tuned in.

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Dear GB Santa,

I’ve been soooo good this year! I’ve played the game through multiple times with multiple classes, using diversified builds and exploring the vast variety of weapons. I’ve struggled with being an early adopter/adapter and the frequent changes for balance and game improvement. I’ve managed to step back and take a wider view of all the rhetoric and discontent while maintaining empathy for those impacted. While playing I’ve been angry, frustrated, pleased and overjoyed, but maintained decorum through all. I’ve learned a lot about the game while recognizing that I still have a lot to learn and stayed humble.

I know you are very busy with all the work that needs to be done and the seasonal preparations on top of that, but I hope you can find time to add my wish to your list.
I believe in you GB Santa and believe you see us all as VIP. So my wish is that you add BL3 reward weapons to the VIP site so we can spend our hard earned points and buy badass guns for creating more mayhem during the holidays.
Harder to get items are preferred so that over the holidays we can spend less time farming and more time with our family and friends.

Yours Faithfully