VIP weapon reward

So is the vip maliwan weapon reward time sensitive or you can get it even after BL3 comes out at any point? I got enough points to unlock it but I’m pretty stingy with points atm in case the will release new cosmetics

Before Season 3 ends.

The VIP Maliwan weapon is delivered to players upon starting Borderlands 3 when it releases. I’m not entirely sure if it’s time-sensitive other than that.

You need to login to BL3 within 14 days of release to claim it.
Edit; nevermind I’m thinking of the early adopters pack

Is the weapon something that grows as you level? Or do you get a rare level 1 pile of garbage?


That’s the other reason why I wanna wait

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IT says it will be level 10. I am wondering if it will be the level you are when you claim it or if you can claim it each play through as you progress in difficulty. If so why even waste the points when you will probably be able to get 10 gold keys for 1,500 points once BL3 is up.