VIP weapons not appearing in game

my wife and I purchased weapons through the VIP on 27 August and we don’t have it yet, our VIP accounts say we have but it doesn’t show it in the games shift rewards. Normally when we bought weapons they show up a couple seconds later. Is there an issue right now? She also noticed that on the shift website it doesn’t show the rewards being bought, only on the VIP profile.


I have the same problem and from what I saw, it is not just us, but it seems that there is no one to solve or at least give some assistance on what is happening.

As noted in the below thread, other than filing a support ticket so that the team gets as much information on the situation as possible, not much seems to work. You could try the usual XBox trouble-shooting steps as that appears to have worked for some individuals but apart from that I’m not sure what to suggest.

Please post any replies into the linked Master Thread so we can keep all the reports together - appreciated.