VIP Weapons Not Showing Up?

I redeemed my points to get the 3 VIP weapons for Borderlands 3 on Xbox and I didn’t receive the 3 guns, only the head gear I redeemed as well. How do I retrieve them?

I have heard they will be in your in game mail

On PC, one of the menu items under “Community” is Shift Rewards. Do you have a similar menu on XBox? If so, does it show the three VIP weapons?

Mine shows the pre-release pack, the 3 VIP weapons, and the bonus VIP weapon for unlocking 8(?) VIP guns.

Got it. Thanks!

I just got 8 weapons to unlock the vip milano weapont. But there is nothing in my in game mail…there is also nothing in my shift account menu who tells me that i unlocked the weapon…any idea?