VIP Weekend when do points add up?

So i’m sure you’ve heard that Borderlands GOTY edition is free to play this weekend on PS and you can get a thousand points each day you play and an extra thousand for playing on all days and that is what i am doing but so far the points haven’t been added to my VIP account?

Does anyone know when they will add the points?

Read the whole news about this event. Points will be distributed on Aug 21st.


Thank you for clearing that up, i saw the post on fb so i didn’t read the whole thing. :smiley:

Only for Borderlands GOTY? Damn I have been playing Borderlands GOTY Enhanced.

I just checked my account and saw i got the points already. But don’t worry when you don’t have them yet, wait until tomorrow!

3x Played Borderlands: GOTY Edition During Free-to-Play Weekend
+1,000 points
and 1x BONUS: Played Borderlands: GOTY Edition Three Days During Free-to-Play Weekend
+1,000 points

Edit: I played this game for at least two, three hours each day.

I will note that I only got credit for Friday and Sunday. For some reason it’s not showing Saturday as played in my profile, so I’m short 2,000 points.

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Are you sure that you played at right hour? Event timing was based on the GMT. If yes, you should contact VIP support.

I’ve gotten all my points as well, from what I can tell play time makes no difference. Saturday I played for a couple hours, but friday and sunday I only logged in with my character. Was in game maybe a minute. No combat, no exp earned, just long enough to be in the game world and then log back out.

I forgot to play on Friday night but remembered at 12:30am (technically Saturday morning) but wasn’t sure if that counted for Friday or Saturday because of the time difference (I’m CST). So then I played at random times throughout Sat and Sun to make sure they counted at least.

I played all three nights but only got the 16th and 18th :frowning:

View posts above, if you are sure that you played on 17th at right time (event was set to GMT zone). If yes, contact VIP support.

I’ve actually looked for their contact. I’m either blind or just lost.

I’ve read the thread, and I played at the right times. I had my PS4 on rest mode while I was at work which probably had something to do with it . I did re boot the game to make sure I logged in but I’m guessing it didnt Help.

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Thank you

yup. i saw and got rewarded for a few days, not all 3. which seems a bit odd. will send them a ticket in case the points stuff is late.

All it said for me on my completed activities list is BONUS: Played Borderlands: GOTY Edition Three Days During Free-to-Play Weekend, don’t see other points there but i’m guessing they did add up cause i had 46k before that and had 50k after.

Ita all there. Check the activities history on Aug 16-18th, you should have three records on the list.