VIP Zane Oni Head not showing up

I really want to get the Zane Oni mask for borderlands 3 however it isnt showing up somehow. I tried it on pc and on mobile multiple times.

This is how it looks-

Did you actually spend points on it already? I have similar situation with weapon reward I paid points for but have not picked up in game yet. I suspect once I pick it up for a character, it will become available again.

Now, in your case you can’t pick them up in game yet, for obvious reasons. :slight_smile:

Turns out i got it through a code or something and i already unlocked it. Thanks for helping

Feels weird to quote myself but: I actually see that two of my weapon rewards remain locked (Bee/CC) on reward page even after I picked them up in game. Strangely enough, Norfleet is not locked, although I bought/claimed two of them already. Strange, perhaps a glitch in their system?