Virtual reality DLC idea

As some of you may know, in borderlands 3 they have this VR quest where you go in and save this women from the VR. It’s capable of making a complete replica of the outside world and is even able to clone people.

I have this DLC idea that revolves around this one concept from this mission. A 3 part DLC.

We replay the stories of the first two games and taking the places of the vault hunters from those games.
This would not be a direct retelling. It would add to the stories of those games.

Part 1- For example a boss fight in game 1 with commander stele where she uses her powers, more dialog, as well as introduce the siren known as Asha that we see in the comics, make her canon and have the rakk hive mission include her like the comic. Little changes like this to add to the story to make it fresh.

Part 2- Idk what you can do with 2s story but I’m sure you could do similar things. I’d have Jack at the end instead of being killed he escapes because claptrap tries to fornicate with the VR machine.

Part 3- jack is released into the world and learns about his fate and more about the vaults and goes to try and take down the Crimson Raiders.

This DLC could add a whole lot of areas for pandora, all those vanilla maps of the first two games, the return of old faces like TK Baha, sledge, ect…
They could even bring a VR rarity into the game, and these VR weapons could be Legendarys, Pearlescents, and unique guns, shields, relics, and gernades, from the past two games that did not make it into 3.

It would also give these old boss fights brand new more complex mechanics like in 3 to make them feel fresh.

Maybe even BLTPS VR thing as well. New planet(moon) to go too and all its vanilla maps.