Visual glitch statistics

Anybody else happens that.? It happens to me a long time ago. The quests don’t show my "master"statistic would must be 2/2 no 1/2.
To have 100% complete.!happen with about ten of my character a

If it happens to someone ,please tell me how to fix it

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This has happened to me as well, but sadly I don’t think there is a fix. I reported it to Gearbox support at the time (back in April) but in the end all I got was “we’ll look into it” and “sorry for the inconvenience.”


Yeah, I have this too. Gotta try contacting support, maybe now they’ll help.

To me it is a no.they Told me to erase the cache and reinstall.i did it but nothing happens. Finaly told me it was a visual glitch. I think they can fix it…why not?I like completing things…it’s frustrating…

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I got a couple like that too… :frowning:

Worst of all, I have it on my darling Phoebe and it bothers me SO MUCH.

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If it’s a client-side problem – and I’m guessing it is, there probably isn’t anything Gearbox Support can do short of having someone personally come and tinker with your system. Some problems can be fixed by going into the server and tweaking your ‘profile’ on their end, but that can’t fix a problem with the basic software. And building the kind of patch to fix the problem without breaking a half-dozen other things is probably a little beyond the development team’s capabilities (and likely has been for some time).

(Note, I’m not a programmer, this is entirely speculation based on what understanding I do have on such things.)

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Pretty sure it’s not visual or client-sided. If I recall correctly, for me it happened around winter patch - all masteries I’ve completed by that time became incomplete (1/2 even if both conditions are checked), but those I’ve done after the patch are fine. All these things are stored on and loaded from server, I don’t know why would some of them show up differently if it’s just visual.

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Yeah I have it too.