Visual issues possible fixes + menu font sizes?

Been seeing a couple comments regarding input lag, wanted to post a couple changes/settings you should check if you’re having problems. I played for about 5 seconds before changing my settings. My setup: Xbox one X --> Sony strdn1080 4K receiver --> Sony XBR900E 4k 55" TV.

1.) Graphics preference - performance mode.
2.) Bump controller look & aim sensitivity to 5.
3.) Game mode on TV is a must. This setting is pretty standard to most newer TVs.

However, maybe it’s just me, but the menu fonts are awful once you step into the settings (options->visuals, as an example) I’m sitting ~10-15" from the screen and the font colors/sizes are difficult to read. Reminds me of the Witcher 3 menus before they made the fonts a bit larger, but maybe it’s just me.

Happy Borderlanding.