Visual pollution

When i start fighting a group of ennemies i spot the brutal/Nog ennemies but who do i kill first ?
the ennemy with the weapon effect that makes half the screen like a rainbow hitting me ,

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The crap on screen is even worse if you play moze and throw grenades a lot. Gets pretty disgusting with all the stupid particle effects and then you throw on all the characters yelling from status effects and honestly the game gives me a headache lol I’ve resorted to just playing without my headset on at all and it on mute lol

If you think Moze is bad try playing Amara with the slamming fists all over your screen. I can’t see anything when that’s going on. Try that when fighting Troy with all his AOE effects and FFYL is near impossible when trying to hit those flying things.

really annoying.
no fun to watch this visual polution …
hope they patch it some day.