Visual shield parts guide


Each of the nine manufacturers makes a shield type. I’ll show each of the shield types with only that manufacturer’s own parts.

There are three parts :

  • Body : the easiest to identify as it’s on the left of the shield. See note specific to Tediore below.
  • Battery : on the lower part of the shield. See notes specific to Maliwan and Pangolin below.
  • Capacitor : on the top of the shield. See notes specific to Maliwan and Torgue below.

Each manufacturer’s parts have a specific effect regardless of their location. This chart shows the positive and negative traits that each part grants. The higher the number the greater the impact on the stat.

"Special" refers to any added effect the shield has : health boost , booster/absorb chance , roid/amp/spike/nova damage.

Here are the nine shield types with their respective parts ( I’ve made specific notes for certain parts ) :





MALIWAN ( note the absence of a visible capacitor - however the “Alklaline/Grounded/Inflammable” prefix is the indicator ; also see Pangolin note below )

PANGOLIN ( note the similarities to Maliwan parts - the battery is actually identical - the quickest way to determine a Pangolin battery is the extremely large capacity to recharge rate ratio - 29:1 in the image below vs 4:1 for the all-Maliwan shield )

TEDIORE ( note the absence of visible body )

TORGUE ( note the absence of a visible capacitor - however the “Blast proof” prefix is the indicator )


More helpful links :

  • Although it caps at level 50, the Gear Calculator is a good way to estimate the final stats.

  • List of red text shield stats here. A great way to get an idea of what parts you might want to look for.

  • @3298 has also done a significant amount of research into shields here , particularly the factors that contribute to shield prefixes.

  • Hoyle also did a very good shield guide.

  • a more detailed and very interesting breakdown on shield stats from a blog post on the wiki.

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(Guajiro Pandoreño) #2

Thanks for the post!


Should be visible if you spin it around, I’d think. It must be hidden by the top of the body from this angle.


I’ll keep trying to figure it out, but I’ve looked on different types of shields with the Maliwan capacitor and I still can’t find the commonality.


I hate trying to discern shield parts and I keep forgetting what each manufacturers parts look like. This is great.

Doesn’t special also affect amp and roid damage?

(Is this thing on?) #6


Should really go into the “Loot and Weapons” section and get linked from the Lootology 101 post though. @Psychichazard or someone can probably help with that.


Yes. I’ll reword that.

And yes @VaultHunter101 , I forgot there was a section for that. Move away PH!


Hold on tight…

(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #9

If you think it’d be good for the guide, I’d suggest putting both shield manufacture screen shots in a “summary”. That way the thread is more manageable, and I know a certain mod likes it because it makes the images easier to load on a bad connection.

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Bookmarked! :acmaffirmative:

If we still had a COMMUNITY BADASS I would nominate you. Just saying… :innocent:


I’m not quite sure how exactly to do that or what it accomplishes - can you give me a bit more info?

On the other hand, are the 1st pics in the series ( the backpack ones ) redundant? Scratch that - they are - deleted.

You mean we DON’T?? You CAN’T?? :stuck_out_tongue:

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last couple nominations I did never went anywhere. At that time I was told the “mods” were changing and the new Moderator(s) would have to run that. So with the switch in Mods, we now no longer have that process or “prestige” if you will. :wink:

I’m going to have to just take the reigns so-to-speak. :blush:

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Great guide. I now know i want an all Hyperion purple Tediore shield


I’m intrigued. What would you use it for?
Actually I’ve been meaning to ask folks what they use Tediore shields for. With all the various shield skills characters have, I’ve never bothered.

(The Bearer of Pie and Best user of English) #15

Between Axton’s shield skills and the less then 1 second recharge delay it could probably recharge between DoT ticks. Quick charge would also help.
I’m sure maya could also have fun with one

(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #16

It minimizes anything into a a little tab that you can name anything you want. The title can be as little as one character, or as long as you want. It also makes your thread smaller and allows people to open and load what they want to look at. Since you removed the backpack parts you could probably put them all in one summary. For example:

Here are the nine shield types with their respective parts:


(The Bearer of Pie and Best user of English) #17

Gear calculator doesn’t work on mobile. Would anyone be willing to plug in an all Hyperion purple Tediore shield? Level is irrelevant


All Hyperion :


All Tediore :


(The Bearer of Pie and Best user of English) #19

Thank you jefe.
If my math is correct(probably not)

You could get the all Hyperion version down to .29 delay best case

Assuming 5% from bar, 5/5 willing, and 11/5 pressure. Which with pressure at nearly max effect(super low health). The higher your bar the easier it would be, because pressure wouldn’t need to be in full swing

That equates to minus 300% recharge delay, so

Not sure how reliable it would be, but I’d love to try it. With forbearance, quick charge, and preparation maxed

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #20

Paging @farsight37 Mr. Dr. Awesome uses them on his Axton. I personally feel a blockade works much better for my playstyle and build with Axton. But Farsight rocks the tediore short delay shields with his Axton.