Visual shield parts guide

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #21

Maya is my Tediore rep, so she uses them. Part of the reason I use them is because she only uses Tediore stuff, and shields, grenades, and weapons largely define any manufacturer’s “lifestyle”. If I was playing “normally”, I don’t think I use them.

That said, I look for ones with the lowest recharge delay I can find. This, combined with their small-to-average capacity, turns them more into a Backdraft trigger than an actual defensive option. If I wasn’t Maya with Backdraft and skilled out to make up for the dips into her health this tactic incurs, I wouldn’t use them (this is as much of a reason as any that Maya was selected as my Tediore rep).

With BAR on, Tediore’s quickest shields, and whatever other shield delay buffs I can bring to bear, the shield can recharge from full depletion between repeated melee strikes from most enemies, causing them to beat themselves to death on me (if they’re slagged, I’m built for fire damage, have a kill up so Life Tap is active, and have +11 points in a slightly UCP-enhanced Backdraft, it’s possible if I juggle all those variables). With Life Tap up, Backdraft will instantly refill my health.

Here’s a short video of it in slow motion. One of the hits lands a fraction of a second before the shield actually gets to full, so you can see the hit healthgate me (though Blight Phoenix brings me up to halfway before the next hit), but you can also see Backdraft restoring my health basically instantly when it fires.

(Santa Söze) #22

I stuck a Maliwan capacitor on all the shields that are capable ( Torgue shields cannot , Anshin maybe not ).

Here's what I found

The safest thing to say at this point is the absence of anything on the top of the shield may indicate a Maliwan capacitor.

(Rumplebunny) #23

I use them (purple, or Cracked Sash) with Axton to mix things up when I get tired of the usual Blockade or Antagonist or whatever. He can boost the smaller capacity of them with Preparation and make the already-fast recharge speed and recharge delay stupidly quick. Take damage, it’s basically instantly right back up to full (which is nice for keeping the healing part of Preparation going.) Element-resist ones are nice (I think the Cracked Sash is parts-locked, so it’ll never have a resistance).

(Today, everything was fine in Opportunity and nothing bad happened.) #24

I do, and I enjoy them quite a bit! @Rumplebunny really hit the reason why. The super short delay, combined with the L. Soldier COM for +5 in Preparation, make Axton stupidly tanky, even with the Tediore shields’ low capacity. Between Preparation, Willing, and Pressure, the shield is back up to full within about a third of a second after you stop taking damage (if you’re specced into Quick Charge as well, you can effectively tank through any DoT with a kill), and you’ve got your 4% health regen kicking in as soon as that happens.

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #25

That square bit on the back center of the shield… is that on all of them, or is that the Maliwan capacitor?

(Santa Söze) #26

It’s on all of the shields. It’s definitely not the capacitor. I like to think of it as a belt clip.
The best way to see it is on the Dahl and Bandit shields : compare the second group of images with the first and you’ll see it’s totally missing.

I freely admit this may be because these shields are “manufactured”, so it’s hardly conclusive.


Maybe try to “manufacture” one without the central part, so there is nothing to obscure the attached shield parts. I’m pretty sure that the Maliwan and Torgue capacitors as well as the Tediore body have no model at all, and this would be the way to prove it.
The Maliwan and Torgue capacitors can still be told apart quite easily by looking at the item card. They are responsible for the DoT immunities, so you may find an elemental prefix on it (some red-text shields prevent all kinds of prefixes though), and you will find a note about the immunity at the bottom of the card.

(Santa Söze) #28

Thanks very much for both of your suggestions :grinning: - I’ve updated the OP.

(Jerk of all toons, master of none.) #29

Rather than clutter the WDYDIYLS thread, I figured I’d drop my last Rough Rider question and info here. I hope you don’t mind the minor necro @Jefe
I believe that the parts are: battery-Maliwan/Pangolin (I can’t really see a difference, but I suspect Maliwan); body-Vladof; and capacitor-Hyperion. What parts do you think determine the health boost? Pics so you can correct me if I’m wrong.

(Santa Söze) #30

The health boost is determined by the “special” quality.

Maliwan will give the most followed by Hyperion, then Tediore and Anshin.

With a regular shield it can be fairly evident whether the battery is Maliwan or Pangolin by looking at the capacity to charge rate ratio.

If the capacity is 10 times the charge rate and has a long delay (5+ seconds, unless it’s a Bee) , it’s likely Pangolin. Maliwan’s capacity is quite small.

The best way to confirm is to use the gear calc. This unfortunately is useless for a Rough Rider above level 50 (actually I can’t even find it in the gear calc) but is still useful for all other shields.

I have a max stats list for shields somewhere. I’ll add that the OP when I’m back at my computer.

(Jerk of all toons, master of none.) #31

Incidentally, the level 43 blue adaptive I’m currently wearing has a health boost of 5089, so the difference is just around 1000 health, which is a smaller difference than I previously reported.

(Not a real Dr. but I got style...) #32

Even the great @Jefe is stomped! :smiley:
No capacity, no recharge rate or delay… Hard to figure it out.
I guess for the Rough Rider only “special” apply like Jefe stated and all parts contribute to it.
In a good or bad way.

(Jerk of all toons, master of none.) #33

Which is why I am definitely hoping for an all Maliwan Rough Rider in all of my future endeavors.

(Not a real Dr. but I got style...) #34

Good way to find out wich one it is would be to farm another one at same level.
… And try not to get a Maliwan/Pangolin batterie this time! :blush: You’re confusing everyone! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Gearcalc is not the only way here. The calculations for shield stats are known (I posted that link on these forums earlier, but the containing thread has become somewhat stale), so it’s possible to reverse the calculation and go from a game-calculated stat to shield parts (within certain limits, of course).
The (somewhat) short version is that every shield part has “grades” for each stat. These are integer numbers, e.g. grade 8 for the capacity on Pangolin bodies, batteries, and capacitors. The base part of the shield (naming sheme: A_Item_some_name) and the material (which is otherwise the rarity-defining part) can also have grades. For each stat, all corresponding grades are added up to give a the shield’s final grade for that stat.
Capacity, recharge rate, and recharge delay all use the same calculation on any shield, and their calculations are pretty similar to each other (except that the delay isn’t level-scaled), just with different constants in the formula. We won’t use that here, because the Rough Rider is the one shield that doesn’t use those stats.
Special effects use a marginally different formula. It goes something like this: Take the grade, multiply it by a factor, add a base value. If the stat shall be level scaled (anything about health and damage is, but percentages and nova radii are not), then the outcome of this formula is multiplied by 1.13^level. (The amp drain of amp shields doesn’t quite play by these rules because it moves the level scaling right after the base value, meaning the multiplied grade doesn’t get scaled, but let’s ignore that because we’re not looking at an amp shield here.)
There are also some shield types which impose a minimum on the grades (-11 for the Rough Rider’s health boost and any roid damage, -16 for both special stats on adaptives). Otherwise a shield type’s parameters for this formula are just the base value and the grade factor. For a Rough Rider the tables at the site I linked say these are 28 and 0.88.

So let’s undo the calculation.
The first thing to reverse is the level scaling: this Rough Rider’s level is 36, its health boost is 3929 points, so we divide 3929 by 1.13^36, which is about 48.2456.
Next, subtract the base value, so we’re at 20.2456.
Divide that by the grade factor to get the total grade back: My calculator says that’s about 23.0064. A little bit of rounding happens of course, so we don’t get a perfect integer back, but it’s close enough to 23 to be confident in saying that the total grade must have been 23.
Another two tables on the linked site list the grades of the parts attached to the shield, and the grades of the shield base and material. The Rough Rider’s material gives the special effect grade a boost of 12, and its base isn’t listed (which means it doesn’t do anything noteworthy), so the remaining 11 grades must come from body, battery, and capacitor. There can be many combinations, of course, but one thing is clear: a Maliwan part must be present somewhere, because even three of the part with the second-best special effect grade (Hyperion, with a grade of 3) cannot reach 11.
Long story short, the combinations to reach 11 are Maliwan+Maliwan+Torgue, Maliwan+Anshin+Tediore, and Maliwan+Hyperion+Vladof. The former two don’t match what we see on this Rough Rider, so Maliwan+Hyperion+Vladof it is. There we go, not a Pangolin battery. :slight_smile:

Just for fun, I also reversed the calculation for your blue adaptive shield. It’s got a total grade of 12, all of which is due to the blue-rarity material. The special effect grades of the attached parts therefore adds up to 0; there’s a lot of combinations for that, and the other stats for these possibilities differ. If I calculated everything correctly, these are the combinations and their recharge delays: all-Vladof (delay=3.92), Vladof+Tediore+Dahl (delay=2.50), Vladof+Hyperion+Pangolin (delay=3.64), Dahl+Dahl+Anshin (delay=2.73), Torgue+Pangolin+Maliwan (delay=4.90), Tediore+Anshin+Pangolin (delay=5.04), Anshin+Hyperion+Torgue (delay=3.64), Hyperion+Hyperion+Bandit (delay=2.24). The two possibilities with the same recharge delay (Vladof+Hyperion+Pangolin and Anshin+Hyperion+Torgue) are not identical either - the former has a capacity of 13365 and a recharge rate of 1663, the latter has a capacity of 13733 and a recharge rate of 1582.

I don’t think the Rough Rider can spawn with a Maliwan capacitor (which would give it DoT immunity for one element - you know, the Inflammable / Grounded / Alkaline stuff), so you’ll most likely have to settle for Maliwan+Maliwan+Hyperion. Sorry. :wink:

(Jerk of all toons, master of none.) #36

2 out of 3 ain’t bad, I’ll take it. :grin:

Thank you for the painstaking explanation of the parts and of the math involved in reverse calculations to narrow down the options. I’m a bit math-phobic, so I likely would never have gone to such lengths, but I am grateful for an improved understanding of how it breaks down. Again, thank you.

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #37

Oh wow, I always thought Anshin was second only to Maliwan for the special buff.

(Santa Söze) #38

Well looks like I was wrong as it happens. Not terribly wrong, but Hyperion and Anashin are tied for second place followed by Tediore.

I’ve overhauled the OP by the way :

  • removed the old not-very-accurate chart and replaced it with the one from the blog post I linked at the bottom (except I did a quick and nasty edit to make the numbers legible)
  • added additional notes to the Pangolin listing
  • added a shield stats spreadsheet link
  • moved the links to the bottom where they belong and removed the preface to de-clutter the guide
  • added a credit to @3298 - who really should be the author of this guide :slightly_smiling_face:


Nope, still not right. :wink: Hyperion is second with a grade boost of +3 (your table has it wrong) with Anshin coming in third (at +2). That’s the only mistake I can spot though.

(Santa Söze) #40

Wow. It got late. There are so many versions of that info graphic - I’m sure the one I referenced said 2 (to my surprise). Anyways, I’ll fix it up tonight.