Visual shield parts guide

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The new version you posted is def different from the Steam Part spotter. They seem to have Recharge Delay and Recharge Rate inverted.

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I’ll compare them again later when I have time, but the data in the new one is from the blog post which has the most plausible data - it’s also been vetted by 3298. Other than that Hyperion special stat of course.

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That’s what I was thinking.


Oh, right. It’s just the headings that don’t match the columns - I paid no attention to them and instead only looked at the data, expecting that the order is capacity, rate, delay, special (like on the in-game item cards). The data is in that order, the headings are not.
Also, the “01” in the special heading feels a little bit weird. Of course I know where it comes from (there’s special effect 02 as well, but it’s generally the same as special effect 01), though with these identical columns merged it could go away.
Side note: a handful of shield parts do have differing boosts for the special effect categories, but they are not in the attached parts group covered by the table - they are shield base, material, and the so-called accessories (the last of these rarely affects the grades at all, according to the wiki blog post this happens only on the Order and Hide of Terramorphous). As an example, the five possible accessories of the Hide (the only shield I know of which has more randomly selected parts than the usual three attached ones) only boost special effects 03 and 04 (which are also unique to the Hide, because it’s maylay, nova, and spike shield in one), while leaving all other stats (including special effects 01 and 02) alone.

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I agree - I’ve blacked it out. Also, it annoyed me to see one graphic in alphabetical order and another graphic in random order. My pics are sorted alphabetically so I want the graphic to be the same.

I’m definitely not going to get into that level of detail in this guide, which is intended to be for parts spotting and crafting. However I’d very much like to see all this info cobbled together in one massive shield guide. If you’re ever bored…:wink:

Also - fixed the Hyperion “special” (I had a second at work to do a quick copy/paste)

I’m up to 20 edits! What does that tell you? :stuck_out_tongue:

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That you’re in good company?


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I’m kinda late to the party, but i think that recharge rate and recharge delay for Bandit parts are missplaced on OP pic…

Or there something else i missing?

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I think it’s not only Bandit but they all are.

Was farming for an antagonist a couple days ago and stumble on some “mismatching data”. Thinking they were switch back. (I prefer @Jefe thread to the Steam visual part spotter when it come to shields.
Make more sense if you switch the heading.

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Not connected to the above conversation but asking for advice, since i’m not really a shield parts guy, right now (learning). Am I right to assume I want all Maliwan for a FotF in general, but with Hyperion Capacitor for Krieg?

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Not a shield guy myself or I wouldn’t be here! :smiley:
You want a Maliwan capacitor for the elemental resistance. (Fire, shock, corrosive) and anything but Hyperion on anything as they have the fastest recharge delay.
Pangolin seem like a good choice.

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Yes, so not Maliwan capacitor for Krieg is what i’m getting at. Since he wants to be on fire :stuck_out_tongue:

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There’s that… I don’t think it would prevent you from auto igniting thou.
Thinking about it you want the shield down anyways so yeah… Don’t really care about elemental resistance at all…
Probably better to wait 'till we hear back from Jefe and sort out this recharge rate vs delay imbroglio.

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@xkriegor0376 @Dr_Do-Little

Yes - they are definitely inverted. Actually the whole chart was a mess - I’ve uploaded the original. Harder to read - oh well.


All Maliwan with give the highest damage - I wouldn’t go for an Inflammable but Grounded or Alkaline would be fine. Otherwise the recharge delay/rate and capacity are all irrelevant for the FotF - so if you get Hyperion or Tediore parts, that’s ok.

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Is that a resistor hanging off the end of the Bandit body? I can only make out a couple of words (I think):
“12A … Grounded”
“F … 35Ω”
Anyone know what it says in full?

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Ha! That’s funny. I just found one at a vendor.

12AX7 is a vacuum tube that’s very common in guitar & bass (and presumably other) pre-amps.

Grounded is the next word. Not sure what the word before 35ohms is. “Filament” is my best guess.
Turbo fact : for a long time, the only place to get vacuum tubes was from Soviet Russia (the brand was Sovtek). I might have some kicking around the house somewhere.

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Oh wow, nice catch!

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Not sure about that. When I tried the FotF with my Psycho early on I had it start to recharge on me quite a few time. I guess I didn’t had the right build with all the delay “extender” thou.

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K is running with Hellborn - so he’s always in fire.

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Inflammable does prevent you from self igniting.

Maliwan/Torgue nova and spike shields can only spawn with a resistance to the element they have. So I.E. electric can only have Grounded.