Visuals: Too much on the screen

Hi, I just started to play and I am level 10. I’ve never heard about the game before and i’m pleasantly surprised. Except for one aspect.
The game already starts to have decent players; I just played a match as Phoebe. Both teams can put a lot of preassure and use abilities very often.

-First of all, every melee attack makes the screen flash, as Phoebe. My eyes are currently hurting me as I write this.

-On the same note, the viewmodel on every character is way too big, especially the fat guy with a minigun (we’ll call him the heavy okay? ). The game absolutely needs an option to remove it or change its size.

-There is WAY too much going on on the screen. Ten players having 3 flashy abilities that respawn roughly every 20 seconds means there are going to be several flashy effect every second, plus a lot of HUD elements, minions, some players can teleport; I can’t see what’s going on! And it really hurts my eyes! I have a headache, and my whole team (a group of friends) is in the same case. You might be thinking I’m just not used to games, but it’s not the case. I’m used to games both like League of Legends and Team Fortress 2.

Please consider having more sober visuals.

I agree.

There’s an Option to get rid of the flashing everytime you land a hit in the Options Menu->Video. It’s set to Numbers+Flashes by default, but you can change it to Numbers only, Flashes only, or none.

I’ve personally picked the Numbers only, as the flashes were a bit too much.

…Unless you’re talking about the constant flashing from various amount of skills activating at the same time, I’ve got nothing for you.

No, I did that already.
Damnit, I still haven’t recovered