Vita players unite for a patch!

Guys, i need your help. You know how etech relics delete from Vita upon reloading, and dont cross save transfer? If we all tweeted @giocorsi on Twitter, and had our friends do the same asking for a patch, it might get done! i already did, now it is up to you!

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i will also include a legensary for everyone who tweeted him, if a patchbis made. Infinity of your choice.

I thought I was fighting a lost cause. I might tweet, but the vita communiity isn’t so strong.

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gobfor it, man! i already got 6 other people to do it, too. it might happen!

I know i’m a tad late, but it happened!!! A patch was made fixing the problem! :smiley:

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But it did brought other issues.

Like Deception turning mobs effectively invisible!.

How can I target anything like this? =/

Also, is it me or it’s a lot more unstable than ever?. I just keep getting complete, random system hang ups out of nothing.

IDK where do you report this kind of thing exactly, Sony don’t give a dime, IGS sucks and Gearbox ain’t reponsible of the port. So… yeah…

If you read my full post, you’ll see that Gio Corsi on twitter got the job done. He’s your best bet :slight_smile: