Vita/ps4 users a warning for those loyalty rewards

Just a warning for those of you cross saving from vita to ps4. Make sure the vita has connected and has been hotfixed for the loyalty rewards before you upload.

I uploaded from a nonpatched vita to a patched ps4 and I didn’t get rewarded. I updated my vita after the fact, retransferred my character from the ps4 and I got the loyalty rewards on my vita instead of my ps4.

While it doesn’t bother me it may bother others who wanted their rewards on their ps4 instead of vita. The vita now has all the extra golden keys while my ps4 only has 19 from the shift code released earlier this week.

I’ve got 80 keys on my PS3 version of BL2 and I know I didn’t have that many before! I did get my 75 keys in TPS, but there looks to be potential issues with the skins.

Same here, got the golden keys on the vita instead of the PS4 :frowning:

Got mine problem fixed by the Gearbox Support. thanks again for the quick help :slight_smile: