Vital protocols

@Jythri Could reyna have vital protocols in her shield booster by default or her legendary passive?

Untill lvl 4 reyna has a hard time lvling and helping her team. Her legendary is expensive (obviously) healing is low and hard to land.

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Maybe half it and give it to her as base, and it’s doubled with the helix choice? Most people choose it, which hurts diversity which is their goal. And it does NOT need a nerf


Im fine with it healing 100 hp and her lvl 4 +150.

Only once i chosed the mutation by accident and it was awfull… Yeah extra dmg but not heals

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I run Symbiotic on her and play her as a weird kind of offensive character nowadays. Between laser pistol headshots and homing plasma, she can be a huge surprise for anyone who doesn’t realize that her damage was recently buffed.

She still feels really lacking compared to Kid Ultra, Ambra and Alani though. :frowning: Alani is much better at rescue support, assuming a good player; Kid Ultra is much better as an offensive support and CC’er; Ambra can damage amp entire teams and has far better healing. And all three have good wave clear…


Sometimes i run the Pacifier and bola’s with a shard generator if im not the main healer.

She is really lacking compared to those three. Doesn’t mean she can’t be a rather unpleasant surprise mid game incursion. Her ult is really good for pushing lane and sentry diving. Plus she’s got one of the better Benedict counters in the game with her homing shots. These days I don’t mind seeing her just for that.

Overall though she just doesn’t have nearly the same lane presence as those other three. They’re just safer picks.

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Dont forget, she can cleane hawkeye and other cc. But that means you need to save it…

That moment when you get reyna before everyone else and you end in an eldrit team… Overshield and plasma pulse cant heal shields and lvl 1 left is only usefull to you…

I prefer right on level 1 because the level 9 mutation is amazing

I always felt like her plasma shot heal (which is on her legendary) should be by default or a helix - for those people like myself that don’t use legendary. To me Reyna is very level dependent and I use shard gain and a wrench with her along with cool down + heal gear to build as much as I can to level up fast which works nicely. If you aren’t using that then I agree with you big time, she is hard to level up especially when that plasma burst AOE is still so small. Plasma burst should be default and healing lv 3 plasma shot should be healing. :slight_smile: ** one could only wish


And pray to devs :smile: they are changing a fun hélix from orendi why not do something similar to our favorite valkery?