Vladof Assault Rifle Spreadsheet Discussion

Here is a spreadsheet of all the Legendary Vladof Assault rifles I have collected. I plan to do this for all my mules.

Some questions to ask the community?

  1. Which AR would you pick and why?
  2. Anything that you notice about the statistics worth mentioning?

NB when I have finished them all, I will post to the trading section - but note that’s not the OP.

Some questions for developers?

  1. Why have decimals?
  2. Can we please have a button to export all load-out statistics to a spreadsheet format - plenty people in the community would appreciate this?

I’m an all Vladof-weapon player. My preferred weapons:

  • Faisor - Decent damage, handling, and accuracy. Good mag size. The shotgun barrel is a nice addition. Probably the most balanced weapon among the Vladof lineup

  • Dictator - With bipod, this gun is a beast. It will mow down mobs and bosses. At on your face distance, this one can shred any minion. Against single, non-boss unit, this gun isn’t that great.

  • Ion Cannon - Not an AR but it’s Vladof. Strongest weapon in the game.

Thanks for the good info:

Which AR would you pick from the spreadsheet and why?

Don’t really have anything to add but though I’d pipe in on your question:

The simple answers is because it’s generated by multiple factors.

The Long answer :The guns are generated from a set of base stats, These base values in some cases are then a scaled to be relevant to your level (This I think only applies to damage stats). After that the gun has a whole lot of parts that tweak your stats too. So say accuracy 85% but you added a part with +10% accuracy, then the gun card is going to show 93.5% as that’s the new value after the part has been added.

Thanks for the input.

Couldn’t the software round it to nearest whole number?

Although the accuracy stats, in places, I think are calculated in ways that I cannot fathom from the gun card…

Perhaps it’s because I’d need to know base accuracy for each type.

It could, but I’m not sure that’s always helpful. I personally like having that extra digit displayed. If you think about a 3.5 vs 3.0 reload time, for example, it doesn’t sound like a lot. But if you’re trying to calculate DPS stats having those numbers rounded to either 3 vs 3 or 4 vs 3 would give quite different results.

In short, number crunchers want more precision!


Tbh I was only thinking that less decimals might mean improvement in cpu performance. And I’d rather have the jump beteeen 2 and 3 on reload…

I don’t think it would make any difference to CPU performance at all. The calculations internally would either used fixed place or floating point operations and modern CPUs are plenty fast enough for that.

The real issue is getting fire rates for different weapons synced with frame rates. For example, on 360 and PS3 certain fire rates were simply not possible (even if indicated on the card) because bullets would have to exit the gun between frames and that’s not how the game was set up. So things like chain reaction were also limited to how well they would work. The difference in that Maya skill proccing between 360 and XB1 (30 vs 60 fps) is very noticeable.


Thanks for the insight. So the decimals are fine precision for that purpose. Makes sense.

They are just what’s being reported. I’m sure if the developers wanted they could display 2, 3, or 5 decimal places. That’s less helpful. But it can be a bit misleading to display a value of 3.5 as either 3 or 4 - that represents an error of 16.7% or 12.5%, respectively!

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Yeah I agree with that. I was thinking of the rounding being an actual change of stat, and not just a cosmetic. But as you pointed out that would mess with frame-rate.

If anything on my system, it is already low fps (PS4 Meat Bicycle…) I’d imagine that there are just so many interactions that too much weight or lightening of any core game mechanic would compromise some part of gameplay…

The alternative is to use straight integer math. But with performance stats having so many different contributors (+ and -) doing the calculations that way could potentially lead to things like a 0/s fire rate - not good!

Yeah and the benefits of grinding for modifiers that change performance stats is another good reason for their inclusion in the calculations. I think I need to improve my knowledge on gaming mathematics and programming…

They’re situational for me, but as I only allow myself one instance of each of these, they’re element-locked. When I figure out where I’m going to be fighting, I pick the appropriate one and make it work.

Where’s the Big Succ? :stuck_out_tongue: