Vladof faisor rifle

looking for the faisor, i’m on ps4 Rocket9187
have lots of stuff for trade

Do you have a ‘last stand’ artifact?

yes i believe i do, won’t be on till later this evening, what type is it? elemental or non elemental

Incendiary I think

sweet, what’s your gamer tag?

I have a Shock Engulfing Faisor at Lvl 50. Do you have any Annointed Cutsmans or Queen’s/King’s Calls?


I have a shock faisor if you want it.

Yeah, i think i have a couple of faisors. PM me if you still need them.

yess, sorry been away lately, i would love them
Would any of them be incendiary, and what would you like for them?

yes i would be interested, my ps id is Rocket9187