Vladof First Reactions, Under barrel Accessories, not Under Performing Guns

Here was my first take on Vladof guns from the event.

Vladof is still very much vladof, fast fire rate guns that rain death. I found a bunch of really good AR’s and a few snipers but I didn’t get my hands on any pistols.

Not all the under barrels are different firing modes, I got a Bi-pod that pretty much made recoil nothing but also limited you to walking, no running. It was a very interesting trade off.

I didn’t play with a lot of under barrels in combat so the question remains for me if they are good trade offs or will we spend most the time in primary mode.

Either way vladof looks to still be strong like it was in bl2.


Just to add some more information, here’s some of the different attachments I noticed in a few gameplay videos.

Pistol attachments:

  • x under barrel zip rockets that deal y damage
  • second barrel that increases fire-rate by x%
  • underbarrel taser that deals x damage for y seconds

Rifle attachments:

  • x shot shotgun that deals y damage
  • has x under barrel grenades that deal y damage
  • bipod reduces recoil, sway, and increases accuracy.

Sniper attachments:

  • x shot shotgun that deals y damage
  • has x under barrel RPGs that deals y damage
  • spin all three barrels for a x% fire rate increase
  • bipod reduces recoil, sway, and increases accuracy.

So to me it looks like there’s a slightly different attachment pool for each weapon type. Which makes physical sense, since you probably can’t fit an RPG under your pistol, and it also makes the choice between Vladof weapon types more meaningful.

Either way, I think these look awesome. And the sounds are so good.


My gal Moze has the right idea. Vladof: For the Revolution

That’s mean! :wink:
I was going to bed…

It’s a short one

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This is the soul of the game for me right here.

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Can you share a link to a video that demonstrates the taser? I’ve been interested in how that one will play out for a while.

Man this really reminds me when I first got into FPS 20 something years ago. Every weapon in unreal tournament had a (right click) alt fire mode, it was crazy for its time, and I am so thrilled to see a modern developer using it to full effect.

I cannot wait for Red text weapons to have 2 “special” firing mode, it just made the unique weapon even more unique.

■■■■■■■ Brilliant. Give the designer a medal.

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I’m not sure I’ve actually seen that one in action either. Most people that I saw were using Vladof AR’s so the sniper and pistol alt-fires I was getting off of loot more than anything. I’ll keep an eye out though

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This weapon gimmick interests me the most currently. Vladof was one of my preferred manufacturers in BL2. Especially when it came to non unique/legendary snipers. The Vladof ones to me felt more like extremely high damage and long ranged AR’s that had a very limited ammo pool.

The secondary weapon barrels raise questions in regards to if they use other ammo types if the secondary is another normal weapon type such as shotgun and can you reload them normally or do you have to allow them to reload on their own. The pistol they had in the presentation before the live streams start appeared to reload the small rockets on it’s own after the weapon mode was switched back to their primary.

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Do the attachment weapons have separate ammo pools? It seems they do but its hard to tell since none of the videos I’ve seen have actively tested this. If it is true that adds a lot of value beyond having a weapon that behaves differently for different situations.

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Same ammo as the main weapon. On ARs underbarrelled shotguns and grenade launchers consume just 1 AR ammo per shot.

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You misunderstand my question so I’ll add an example of what I mean. Main AR mode has 30 ammo in the clip. Grenade underbarrel has 6 ammo in the clip. I shoot 29 from AR mode then switch to grenade underbarrel. How much ammo is in the grenade clip? If they answer is 6 then this is a big deal in terms of power. If they both reload with a single animation then things are very good.

From numerous views of various gameplay throughs I believe its just as you described above. Each reload reloads both the main barrel and the underbarrel. So you can chew through your clip on the gun then switch to the shot gun or grenade launcher. The reload reloads them both. At keast that is what I have observed. Essentially after emptying the main barrel clip and reloading you are losing out on the shotgun, missles, grenades on the underbarrel if you dont use them before reloading. Again from observation so I could be wrong but 95% sure im right

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The underbarrel reloads automatically over time. https://youtu.be/C1chgJJSt20?t=769

I don’t know whether it also reloads when you reload the gun or not.

Derch Vladof gun’s murder enemies in seconds holy!!!

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