Vladof is worthless

Playing moze and it seems the gun I’m using that’s doing any damage has been my superconducting plasma coil I’m trying to use other guns but nothing really does any damage . I have a few vladof in my back pack and none of them do anything … nothing ! My hellwalker is okay … sometimes but you forget using vladof at all I was shooting at a unshielded tink and I used two mags to put him down … really that’s the best I can get out of vladof ?

Edit : okay so I rework my build it took awhile but I’ve got much better gun play at first I was giving up one for the other ( gun play or iron teddy ) but I found a balance with both but I still find vladof lacking but at least I don’t have to depend on teddy for everything now . Thanks for the suggestions.

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Here are some Vladof guns which I think are great and have made decent use of:

Lucians Call
Septimator Prime

Here are some more Vladof guns that I have found to be particularly useful with Moze

Dowsing Rod (underbarrel)
Faisor (underbarrel)
Boom Sickle

Your mileage may vary. In my experience, the build I use tends to have more to do with which guns work or not.


Super Shredifier, Light Show, Monarch, Lyuda, Boogeyman + everything listed above


If you’re grading weapons on a curve, the Plasma Coil is one of the students, and it’s the only one whose damage you’re comfortable with, more than the entire Vladof manufacturing lines will be off the table here.


Pretty sure like 90% of the meta is Vladoff. Almost all of their weapons are viable at m10.

Plasma Coil is just really strong. It also get gun and splash damage, so it’d naturally be good for Moze. But give her a Boom Sickle or Boogeyman or Backburner and it’s gonna be GG for any enemy she shoots at.


Vlafof is weak, but it can be made to work. A lot of the underbarrel stuff needs boosting and they could use a slight damage buff in general, but their focus is fire rate, so if you have a good build that relies on ammo regen, or damage buffs, they can be really good. Nothing will compare to plasma coil, though. That thing is broken as hell, to get people to buy season pass 2.

I play Moze at M11 and 99.99% of the time the only weapon I use is the Light Show. My mail has more than a few rewards from Vladof for killing enemies. It may be your build and not the manufacturer?


The Dowsing Rod’s underbarrel attachment will one-shot any mob enemy in the game, and most badasses too if you are carrying overkill. I love the Dowsing Rod.


Vladof + a Pearl of Ineffable Knowledge is one thing to consider.

Vladof that aren’t machine guns fired as shotguns usually have decent magazine capacity and high fire rates so stacking consecutive hits in quick succession boosts the damage quick.

In place of a Monarch you can make good use out of a Dictator too. After the recent buff the Magnificent, especially the version with the second barrel attachment is pretty effective at lower mayhem levels. I’m playing at Mayhem 6 as I level up my characters to the new cap, so I can’t speak for any levels higher than that.


Most Moze setups will benefit from guns with splash damage so if you want to see the real worth of guns like the Light Show and Monarch I’d go for Fl4k or Zane. Going non-splash with Moze will often up being weaker because she is less powerful in other areas.

If you really want to go for it, though, I’d take a Vladof Company Man, consecutive hit anointments on your weapons and then try a green/red tree combo, potentially swapping out the consecutive hits for a Storm Front with the 100/50 radiation anoint (AKA urad). Super Soldier shield could be a good bet on the consecutive hits option.


@damien_hine A Bloodletter build with the Super Soldier, Pearl, and a Vladof setup is really, really good. No splash needed, all the fire rate. I bet you could use a Company Man too although I have not tried it. And I am not even talking about the low-level Super Solder shenanigans either, just a normal on-level Super Soldier is amazing on a Bloodletter build.

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I don’t get it. Plasma Coil is boring as hell. Looks dumb and just blubbers out these lines of orbs.
As is playing the Re-Volter. No challenge what so ever. Only time I use that thing is for boss farming.
All the above mentioned vladof stuff though… Now that’s where the fun starts. I don’t even use a max level lucians call cause that wouldn’t be a challenge either. Gotta love this sound and the looks of the ricocheting bullets. Don’t get me started on the Kickcharger… Toboggan+AOE Damage and movement speed and everything gets blasted into another dimension with the pull of a trigger.
I’m a happy gamer. XD

Just to be that guy, here’s me killing Joey Ultraviolet in under 5 mins with 2 purple vladofs I found on the ground that had usable anoints with a not super optimized build or all god-rolled items (half still L65) using a non-meta class mod. Yes, it’s not the cleanest (lol) or fastest run by any means…That’s all.


Any good Vladof SMG’s or shotguns?

They don’t make SMGs or shotguns in BL3


I see. How silly is that?

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Could try the Sickle if you like. It acts exactly like a shotgun, except it draws from the assault rifle ammo pool instead.


Gets shotgun damage boosts too.


One of my favorite setups is a Vladof with “ASE next Two clips deal bonus element”. If you get an elemental gun for example a Corrosive Monarch and you get ASE 2 clip shock you can go for an elemental Moze build because of how much ammo regen you can stack. Then you spec in to stuff like Cloud of lead, experimental munitions fire in the Skag denn. Lastly equip the Mind Sweeper you have a pretty crazy storm of lead and explosions and elemental damage to deal with shields, flesh and armor.

Might not be the best set up but it works pretty well enough and supports the whole “keep firing!” Type playstyle.


I have a Sickle, but I like the Monarch better. I have a good Vladof Company Man and was hoping to have 4 different Vladof guns in my loadout. Might try a launcher, but I don’t like them very much.