Vladof Launchers are pretty cool!

I think Vladof Launchers are great. They carried me through M3 so they got a special place in my heart. I won’t argue that they’re the best, or OP, they have their drawbacks, but they’re fun and pretty viable alternatives.

here’s a video of how it can destroy Slaughter Shaft M3 even with fairly neutral to negative modifiers:


I agree, they’re great for the splash damage build. I also like the Rocket Salvo attachment - great to spam with Some For the Road.


Rocket Salvos are absolute beast, I agree… They’re basically assault rifles on Moze, at about 4k base damage per rocket, instantly made my Ogre obsolete.

It’s also quite useful that launchers ragdoll the rocket badasses. They stop being a threat once I start engaging them.

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so EZ for god moze

Haven’t you hear? the flakker got nerfed, hex got nerfed, moze is dead with no other alternatives. I’m quitting!.. respectfully. Quitting respectfully.