Vladof now is good

This is clearly the time of the Lob (I can see lobs everywhere really)… But with the last update, Vladof Sickle and Faisor (specially shotgun mode) really shine!

Probably because I use these 2 weapons with moze green skills, but I think it’s good for all.


I agree. Just got my hands on a 125% Boss damage Lucians Call and it’s super fun.

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Also the Shredifier, with bottomless mags and 220 ammo magazine is super fun

Vladof was always good: Lyuda and the Dictator come to mind.

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Now sometimes sickle is better than lyuda

I don’t see the appeal of the Lyuda honnestly. It’s only efficient at a very specific range, it munch amno, and it don’t do that much damages honnestly

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Shrediffier with Moze + Short Fuse + 5/5 stainless bear + 5/5 scorching RPMs + splash bonuses + Consecutive hits annointment +plus ammo regen = probably the best AR in the game .

Takes a lot to get there (obviously ), but man once you do… this thing shreds .

Shreddifier is borderline useless on other characters though. My zane runs out of ammo half way through a room

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Yeah I love the shredifier on my Moze, but man oh man does it chew through ammo on my Fl4k

It kinda sucks how you cant really use it on anyone but moze . It’s one of the main reasons why she’s my favorite because the Shrediffiers been my main favorite gun since BL2

I have been enjoying the Faisor with my FL4K. I have a Corrosive and a Fire one. Neither anointed sadly but they really really do well now. Love the underbarrel shotty.

You can use amno hungry weapon on Zane too with clone capstone + facepuncher and cutpurse

But yeah, there is too many weapon that are just impossible to use cause they are way to amno hungry for a normal build

Sounds good. I’m going to try the Shrediffier with my Ammo Regen Amara build.

This is the great thing of Borderlands (and specially now in Bl3)… Every character works better with certain weapons

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I agree, on my vladof Moze bottomless mags I have 2 faisor (electric and corrosive always in shotgun mode), 1 shredifier and 1 sickle elementless. The lyuda can’t find his place in this set up ahah

There is so many good weapon, I just can’t get why people are so obsessed with the Lyuda honnestly. The only point to the Lyuda was that it was the only sniper rifle with decent DPS, but now the firestorm, krakatoa, weeding invitation … are much better.

They should revert the Lyuda nerf that happened last year, so it can compete with the rest of the legendary snipers (add an extra pellet and more crit damage). Right now is good, but not top gear IMO, the only top tier Lyuda is a corrosive one.

More than anything they need to lower firerate by 3 time, and boost damage by the same amount … The weapon is good as it is, it’s just ridiculously amno hungry

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Also with bottomless mags skill tree, is ammo hungry