Vladof pistol buff request

I think a necessary buff is vladof pistols. Both of the legendary vladof pistols are under powered and could use a buff. I understand that vladof is all about low damage high fire rate, but as they are right now they do nothing on mayhem 4. I have a high damage, consecutive hits magnificent on my moze and it still struggling on mayhem 4. On top of that I feel like all the purple vladof pistols have just been disappointing. I think that buffing all vladof pistols across the board would be amazing and make these guns more balanced to the rest of the weapons.


Agree the Magnificent needs a slight damage buff. Not a lot it’s just barely sub-par, but that it is.

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While we’re at. Would love to unpack a few Lyudas. Maybe bring back a bit more crit damage.

Torgue AR and pistols as well pls

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All repeaters need buff and ammo pool increase outside of few cov variations

I’d vote for this. Magnificent for sure could use a buff. Right now if one drops, I leave it on the ground. Love the huge mag, but the DPS just isn’t there.