Vladof shields?

Hello ppl, im planning a roleplaying vladof moze gunner playthrough, the build is going to be hybrid without even touching the last skills of any o the trees, i dont mind for min maxing, but im a big time roleplayer and i wanted to be a vladof specific user with her (assault rifles and repeater pistols) , but after a few hours of not encountering a vladof shield i started to think that there isnt any…

So the question is… are there Vladof shields in the game ? when i saw the transformer being hyperion i lost hope… and i cant take it anymore, im being obliterated witohut a shield at lvl 20 or so, plus the build focuses on shields…

And since im here already im going to ask about the skill “matched set”, i wanted to milk the hell out of that and thats the main reason i wanted a vladof shield, does it count towards the bonus or is it just the guns ?

Thanks in advance and any advice will be apreciated.

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Level 42 myself and have not seen a vladof shield. seems to be only the 3 brands. Hyperion (king of shields for BL3 IMO, with my build anyway) Ashin, and pangolin.

i have multiple lvl 50 characters and still have yet to see one and im trying to do the same thing with that skill on my Moze but it seems like Hyperion is the only way to get the most out of that skill

Yeah still haven’t encountered yet. Guns set is quite reliable tho. Pistol, AR, SR + shotgun attachment, HW with mortar then you are a full Vladof material

Wouldn’t you need to double up on a gun type for Hyperion, though?

And, in any case, I think you might come out ahead with Vladof magazine sizes compared to Hyperion even with the extra 10%.

no, you just use one of each gun type they have: sniper, shotgun, smg, and pistol then a shield and nade of theirs (but i havent noticed any pistols so far so idk)

Haven’t seen any Hyperion pistols in this game. Just snipers, shotguns, and SMGs.

but even if you have to double up on a gun type youre still getting the max boost, you cant with vladof

Right, but like I said I believe that the mag size on Vladofs will make up for the difference of the bonus afforded by that one piece of gear. Getting the max bonus may, in fact, leave you with smaller mags.