VM scaling with movementspeed

I know this was discussed here before, but i just cant find it.

If someone could explain to me or point me to the thread where the dmg increase per movementspeed of VM was discussed, that’d be awesome.

Thanks :slight_smile:

It was tested more prior to a Zane fix. After I don’t think it has been as tested because it’s scaling got fixed (people are happier with the scaling). I can pull up the old math for you, but won’t help much.

Like this:

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The scaling wasn’t re tested on this forum but on the discord it was tested. According to their testing its a 0.8 ratio.

So if you move 1% faster you’ll do 0.8% more damage.

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With a combo of infiltrator com, vanquisher, snowdrift, VS 5, VM 9 SSM 3, Barrier speed augment and roughrider I managed to go from 750 on standstill to 9500 during slide.

During the slide I also accidentally scored a crit for 21k damage. I didn’t spec into any other damage skill.

Vanquisher base damage is about 555 which probably got boosted by guardian ranks and the inate bonus from infiltrator.