VM + Torgue Stickies

I have seen a few posts about sticking torgues and sliding during detonation to get max damage.

All the tests I have done with the Bandit Tactical and dummy show me that the damage is based on at what speed you fire the stickies, not at what speed you detonate them.

Though it’s not really the meta, it makes me wonder if I’m missing something as it’s easy to test, but even in the “Top gear for Zane” thread it mentions it.

I just recently was testing the antifreeze mod that i got the other day and noticed the same thing on dummy.

I know for a fact they used to scale with speed upon detonation because i use to use the alchemist all the time.

I hope its just a bug with the dummy or maybe they stealth nerfed it?

I don’t really know. But after reading the “Top gear for Zane” thread I decided to retest it, because I remember coming to the same conclusion months ago, as I did yesterday. I remember testing it using a purp Torgue shotgun before the testdummy was added (using the Bandit Tactical instead)

People telling me about the SlideReload strat always confused me.

I think they made all weapons upon firing.

The damage of the project is based on the speed your moving when you fire it.

The damage of the sticky multiplier is boosted by your speed when you detonate.


Placing a single sticky will get no damage bonus from speed.

Placing 2 Stickies will get a damage bonus from speed. The reason people people say stick then slide is because it’s easy to be stationary or moving slowly while you load the target up, then slide to detonate and gain max multiplier bonus.

However the maximum bonus would come from firing while moving/sliding then detonating while moving/sliding.

Standing still and landing all shots is more optimal for most people so that’s what the meta dictates.

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This. I was trying to explain this in the Zane TG thread, but pretty much got immediately shot down. Both bonuses at application and detonation of stickies will influence the final damage - its just that for Zane it is far more practical to maximize your damage on detonation. But this is not the case for other classes, like Fl4k for example, where maximizing your damage on application is far more important.