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I figure it’d be useful to have a thread about this stuff separate from any one mod, so here we go.

My understanding from BV’s posts was that if the audio needs to be placed in 3D space somewhere or needs to be manipulated by the engine’s equalizer it needs to be in .FDA, so I’ve been working on the assumption that .wav works fine for dialog and presumably battle chatter. if that proves to be not true I guess I can batch convert all my .wav audio anyway, but so far it’s been working for mission lines.

For me the voice acting is coming from multiple sources around the globe, so I’ve just resolved to accept a decent amount of quality variance. With some roles the audio filtering will obscure a certain amount of that anyway. Trying to replicate the sound of fleet command in particular has given me hell, and my current reverberation based solution isn’t really making me 100% happy but I haven’t been able to do better. My notes on that one:

And an example of the results: https://clyp.it/mnrcqx3w

I’m much more pleased with my radio voice filtering.

Together with some low level backing static and bursts of static at the start and end I think this gets in the area of the original HW1 radio voices, which is quite satisfying. An example: https://clyp.it/uno4cvl0

I felt it was a bit harsh to my ears. One thing I’d recommend if you aren’t doing it already is in audacity if you click view, show clipping, it’ll put red lines wherever the sound gets too loud for the format, which produces a harsh sound. The AI voice instructions you linked included at least one amplification step, that depending on the original audio could produce some clipping that wasn’t in the original.

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I will try that. We cleaned up background noise, normalized it, and then ran the processing so it may have bumped it back up into the red. I have a nice set of loud speakers I use for my Computer and it sounded great on them… but I am certainly no audio expert.

i thought the battle chatter was… it felt like the chatter tried to be heavier or lighter volume based on the distance the unit was from the camera. But I do not know that for fact.

But yes for acting, we convert the FDA to WAV and then alter the original chatter or overlay another track with background noises and play it via WAV no problem.

Both those clips sounds great.

FYSA - I’ve got the original speech, music, and sound effect files extracted from HW1C and Cata.

Here’s what the original sfx sound like compared to Remastered: https://youtu.be/DRzZrckHom8


The divide might be between speakers and headphones. I game almost exclusively on headphones myself.