Voice actors and interaction wheel

Hello dear badasses

I’m here to bring a question about something i have been thinking.

Do you think we need an action wheel? (Say hello, thx, request heals or group)
Would you like them to be voiced?
If so, would you pay to unlock them?

Voice actors need money to keep producing, also Gearbox/2k would need to charge for this feature (developers need money too).

How could be added? A feature to unlock each battleborn voice wheel? Or a default voice, Like Nova telling you that miko request healing?

Personally i would like a default set and be able if you like to much x character buy their personal lines (rath and miko wont request heals in the same way)


Yes please. And if they can’t get voices,even a little symbol over their head would work.


The interaction in Team Fortress 2 would work well with about 3 hotkeys covering the small menus. Just having a “thank you” macro would be nice.

I don’t like the idea of making players pay for this tool. It would be similar to making players pay to use text chat or their microphone. I understand the voice actors need to eat so perhaps it could be rolled into a future expansion?

Well we already have voice chat. I guess is more a fan service (when you love the character voices and interactions) is not rly needed.

Thats why i thought pay for it would be like a taunt, just something extra. But with our current exp with prices (over priced) leave a sour taste to even think about it.