Voice actors rebel

Hey y’all - here’s an interesting article about the perils of voice acting.

SAG-AFTRA’s (voice actor’s union) list of demands includes splitting up the most intensive recording sessions from one four-hour session to two two-hour sessions.

They are also asking for more advance information about their roles. Sometimes after landing a job, voice actors are left in the dark about their character’s motivations, what scene they’re recording lines for, even the game they’re working on.

As well, video game voice actors are seeking bonus payments for work on games that sell over two million copies — i.e. the blockbusters that make hundreds of millions of dollars.

I’m not familiar enough with the industry to be able to comment on the bonus payment request (are they getting screwed, or is that an unreasonable request?), but the first two items seem like they shouldn’t even have to ask?

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