Voice Actors Role in BiA

Hello, I am Yau Jia Jun and I am actually the admin of the BiA wiki. It have improved before the admin absence and the wiki is fine. The thing here is that I have a problem with voice actors. It is nice Gearbox released the voice actors name but they didn’t give me the VA role for each characters. They did named some but not all. Some I ask either the staff or anyone in the fourm to answer me which character role the VA played in all three games .

I can name a few:

Troy Baker => Sgt. Matt Baker (voice)
Jeff Kribs => Sgt. Greg ‘Mac’ Hassay (voice)
David McGarry => Sgt. Joe ‘Red’ Hartsock (voice)
Mike Neumann => Cpl. Sam Corrion (voice)
Gideon Emery => PFC Dawson (voice)
Dale Dye => Colonel Robert Sink (voice)

What about Allen & Garnett, Leggett, rest of 3rd Squad. 2nd Squad are all covered in the game extras. Don’t forget Robert Cole as well

This may have been a very late reply but what I would do is to look into the game manual that listed all of the voice actors that voiced in the game.

Although the manual won’t name who plays who, you could track down the name and finds out what the voice actor did and who did he voice.