Voice Actors Wanted!

Hello Wanderers of the Void!

I’ve been working on some new sound scripts so the ships can have their own voices and after some testing I’m sure that it’s going to work! I didn’t want to ask to see who wants to do some voice acting before I was sure.

I’m pretty sure I can use anybody’s voice, but the recording has to be clear and you have to enunciate well. I won’t be able to use you if you talk like a mush-mouth!

Also, just speak normally. I can make you sound like you’re on the radio with some filters, but I have to use the same filters with everyone or it won’t sound the same.

I also know how to use the HW fda filters now! It was pure bullcrap luck, but I can make a normal sounding voice play just like the HW radio messages now! =D But sometimes I have to add them manually if it gets played the same way as the fleet messages. Whatever, too much detail, right? Speak normally. =D

I was going to try to South Park all of the voices myself, but I’m getting sick of my own voice and I’m not even done with the Heavy Destroyer yet, so I think it’s time to get some more people in!

Here are how I imagine the characters:

Higaran Battlecruiser: Matter of fact and a little bit condescending because they have good tech, and they’re the chosen ones, and you’re a hammer and nails knucklehead from the outer rim.

Vaygr battlecruiser: Like a big buff guy in a metal space suit who can’t wait to bring you too your knees before the Chosen One to advance his own standing. Maybe over confident and can’t believe it when his ship starts to explode. haha

Taiidan Heavy Cruiser: I picture one of those gray-suit space-nazis from Star Wars. A vicious bureaucrat.

Kushan Heavy Cruiser: A fanatical cult-type determined to fulfill The Prophecy. I still haven’t played through Deserts of Kharak, but there are some sect-loonies in there I think, maybe one of those guys?

The dreadnaughts:

Makaan’s Revenge already has a robot-zombie version of Makaan’s voice in the next update, so I think it’s okay for now. I might add a toady for notifications, like when it’s under attack: 'You dare to fire your puny weapons upon the Sajuk-Kar?" Stuff like that. Let me know if you want to try out for the part of Undead-Makaan’s favorite lackey! :smiley:

Hiigaran Dreadnaught: I think of that B-hole from Star Trek 3 with the Excelsior. Totally convinced of his own superiority and somewhat bored with the entire endeavor of killing the enemy because they’re so pathetically incompetent. Have fun writing this pompous jerk’s death lines! :smiley:

Taiidan Multi-Beam Dreadnaught: If anybody has a really deep voice then this one is for you! I’m thinking that The Emperor would give these ships to his favorite relatives because of the whole corrupt nepotism and all. haha I’ll give your voice that hollowy echo thing, but it would be easier if your voice was already deep.

Kushan Heavy Destroyer: The research to unlock this in Militarized Mining Technolgy, so the character is either a space miner or a deep-core driller or something like that. Think of a Belter or a space oil rig worker.

Anyway, I think that’s enough to see how many people are interested. If you want to try out, then send me a PM and I’ll give you my e-mail to send me some files. I know what you’re thinking, tryouts? Seriously? I don’t want someone to do a lot of recordings and then I can’t use them for whatever reason. That’s all. If the recording is good, I bet I can use it.

No rush. I’m about to update Goliath with whatever’s done because there’s a cool new map I want to publish.

I don’t want to stifle anyone’s creativity, on the other side, I can send you some lines to say if you like.

Also, remember what Patrick Stewart said: 'All science fiction is Shakespearean" so ham it up, friends!! =D

Oh right, here are the lines I’ll need for each ship:






command_combatman (combat maneuver – when you give them a move command when they’re already fighting)








this is when bar turns red:


this is what they say right before they blow up:


So the file is that name with a ‘_#’ after it. Just pick whatever you want for the tryouts.

Also, you can’t mention ship-specific stuff or it won’t work when another ship is captured. For instance, if you say, “Load the Trinity Cannon and brace for recoil!” then they’ll be saying that when you capture a Hiigaran Battlecruiser too.

Have fun, and thanks a lot!