Voice-over cast listing for the new DLC

I am stumped on who the voice-over actor is that plays Colonel Hector. I know that I recognize his voice from somewhere but I am at a total loss on who it is. I am sure that IMDB will eventually have it listed but, alas, it has not been updated to include that yet.

Sounds a lot like gen. Knoxx to me, but not sure. Which (both) sound like John Goodman to me, but I know they’re not.


I thought the same and, if so, was voiced by Stan Robak.

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The whole dlc felt like a flashback to General Knoxx’s armory

I thinking Scott Glenn, the man who played Stick on the Daredevil Netflix series.

I screenshotted the end credits because reasons:


Now I know where I recognize his voice from. Thanks so much! He is the narrator of the show Moonshiners, among other voice - over gigs.