Voices in my gear (help)

A goofy set of gear, can the community help make a build (any vault hunter) to make this set viable/fun at any level.

Focus is to use as many pieces of gear that have a voice as possible

Weapon 1: Sellout
Weapon 2: P.a.t. MkIII
Weapon 3: Handsome Jackhammer
Weapon 4: Porta-Pooper 5000
Spare weapons: The boo

Shield:Messy Breakup
Grenade: open
Class Mod: open
Artifact: open

Feel free to add any talking gear I may have missed.
What character would suit the gear best and what other items would you add with the theme in mind?

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since the weapons are pretty explosion orientated, i would suggest moze :slight_smile:
sellout is a great weapon for her and with jackhammer she can make use of vampyr to get healz

I’ll second Moze for the same reason. Plus if OP is playing at a level that’s beyond what the weapons are capable of handling, Iron Bear can get them out of a sticky situation.

@Adabiviak and @lolli42. Thank you for the replies. Any suggestion on builds/come?

i am generally not a big fan of bottomless so i would suggest red and blue, maybe even going for a bloodletter and tentacious defense + short fuse
i dont know how messy breakup really operates
but i guess it will keep the second drone up if you are constantly losing and refilling your shield?

Oh wow, I can’t even imagine Moze without Vladof or Torgue weapons in her hand. Moze with an SMG? Like I’m so strict with my allegiance play that I kind of can’t fathom that. :laughing:

The P.A.T. and Jackhammer have interesting thrown mechanics, and the Porta-Pooper and Sellout both have splash damage, so I would focus on getting the most out of that one shared damage type. I’m not a min-maxer, so someone more versed in Moze should chime in, but stuff like Fire in the Skag Den and Means of Destruction should work on all of these weapons. That’s only a few clicks into the Demolition Woman tree, which leave you both of the other trees to spec out as you like. There’s merits at some level for most all of the skills, so pick your favorites. If I was packing those myself, I’d use this.

Can’t help you with your build, but wanted to say I love the idea - this sounds hilarious! :grin:

Did you know that the weapon copy with Zane clone double barrel plays the voice of the cloned weapon independantly?Meaning you can switch to another talking weapon, so you can have 3 friends talking to you counting messy breakup :rofl:


@lolli42 @Adabiviak thanks for the advise… I’ll try out the blue/red. Red might work really well with messy actually

@rubregg I miss playing Krieg so this should give the voices in my head lol

@olivier_shady the clone is a great thing for the idea of this build. The thing I hate is that the clone won’t throw tediore weapons during reloads… So dumb.


you can equip the porta pooper summon the clone and then switch to your pat/ jackhammer/boo. The clone handles the pooper fine plus he does more damage than you ll ever do with this crappy weapon (in all senses :laughing:)


I was helping a friend try to put together a Zane build with as many “drones” as possible, for the flavor. I got him the Messy Breakup and he had the OPQ. I also got him the Scorpio and … I want to call it the ‘brain gun’, name escapes me, from Gigamind. The new PAT weapon is also a good one. But alas, the build just didn’t work very well for him.

What’s this?

it is thanks the new action skill scaling, it is especially spectacular in high mayhem

yeah I dabbled a bit in that too… I think Fl4k is better to spam the messy break up drones. Though I stopped abusing the fake gamma gimmick because my ps4 was on its knee from too many drones/cyberspike/ shield effects :rofl:

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@Talzar13 I tried the Zane drone build as well a while back (before opq). Unfortunately it isn’t that good, it’s missing a couple things like the clone should be throwing tediores to reload. The other quirk I tried was the 10 gallon with reload on clone swap. Hoped it would refill my gun and the floating gun. But nope another miss.

If @gbx would just make it so clone swap counts as an Action skill activation , it would help alot of these builds. Like a ghost might actually be interesting… On activation could be highly useful for Zane… We already are meh for ASE… They should give us ASA.

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