Void's Edge Jump Pad

Before entering the final area of The Void’s Edge, the player is required to take a jump pad up to a room and disable a shard crystal to allow the Wolf Sentry through a forcefield. On online co-op, the intent seems to be that a few players will go up to the room while the rest stay down and defend the sentry from waves of Varelsi.

The problem is this: I have played this map many times and almost every time there are some people on the team who do not realise this. Compounding the problem is that the Varelsi spawn before anyone goes into the top room, meaning most players run off to fight them, leaving too few players to activate the jump pad. Then, if the sentry survives the Varelsi attack, at least three players have to stand around twiddling their thumbs while one or two fight through the top room.

I realise this is mostly a human problem, but it could be assuaged if the Varelsi did not spawn until after at least one player gets into the top room, or if only two pressure pads were needed to trigger the jump pad. Then this sequence could play out as I think the developer’s intended, instead of the two or three savvy players furiously clicking their right thumbsticks trying to get their teammates to come to the pads.


Equally bad, I’ve had players actively refuse to stand on the pad, effectively bringing the game to a halt for the rest of the players. This usually occurs on the Wolf escort mission when you need to launch a player up to unlock the gate for the sentry. They’ll refuse to stand on the pad either because they want to be the one who is launched, or because they don’t agree with the character who is ready to be launched, or because they’re simply little trolls.
Either way, while I like this mechanic in theory, in practice, it would seem it needs some work/support. (ie. the option to kick a player might be required . . . )
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Also would be nice if it was a permanent activation. Had one game where Marquis was jumped up and then everyone left the pad. He was able to clear it, but it took forever as he continually had to retreat for cover.

I agree that this one sequence is presented very poorly and non-intuitively. Out of both story missions, this one segment needs by far the most work.

Right now, if the team is not communicating, what almost always happens is this:

  1. The team will clear the initial large, difficult wave that spawns in
  2. A veteran may, in vain, stand on a pad and use the ping feature to try to get others to do so
  3. Others will ignore him or her and proceed to spend a good 5+ minutes fending off weak waves as a whole team
  4. After everything stops spawning, the team will spend a few minutes trying to get enough players on the pad to send one or two up
  5. The one or two that got up there struggle to reach the objective and often die once or twice
  6. Finally someone gets through and the mission can proceed

Gearbox needs to present this better. Right now it is unclear that what the team should be doing is defeating the large, initial wave, then sending one or two players (depending on team size) up for that objective.


I do find that part pretty dang annoying. My issue, specifically, is we get one or 2 people standing on the pads, then the enemy starts spawning in, then everyone moves to attack and ignores the pads until after everything’s dead.
I have to almost use Benedict to fly up there without the use of the pad (team).

Side-note: Thought you were going to mention the pad, right outside that gate you are talking about, to the left that seems to jump you over the gate you open to the other side. Basically springing you backwards and that’s it.

Glad I’m not the only one who finds this frustrating.

On the plus side, I have discovered that using Marquis’ “Wallhax.exe” augment allows you to one-shot the crystal through the window with Bindleblast. I got a friend to do this on a match and I think the rest of the team were surprised that the field had gone down before anyone had launched up. :smiley:

Of course, that requires a Marquis player on your team who realises this…

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I’m soooo taking note of that.

I was one of a number of players who did not realise, until someone pointed it out, that the whole point of standing on the pads was to activate the jump pad. Up until that point in both missions, jump pads were already activated and standing on pads lowered a door or turned off something to allow access. Depending on which pad you’re on and where you’re looking, you may not even notice the activated jump pad (since it activates for a set time). I don’t remember if there was a call-out prompt from Kleese or Nova or someone but, if there wasn’t, it might be a good idea to include one. And, if there was, maybe issue a reminder if the pad isn’t activated within a certain time?

i have to agree, the pads are an interesting idea and its kinda cool that it encourages people to work as a team, but 90 percent of people who play the level the first time just don’t realize the pads are even there until they notice the other teammates standing there. I had several games where we got to that point and then most people left because there was just one n00b that didn’t catch on so we had no way to get up there. There should be some sort of alternate way to get up for all players, or less pads so that you don’t have to have everyone there just to activate it, or heck, even like the pads during the fight wih Geoff that you activate one at a time until it works.

While I agree that this segment needs work, or at least to be more obvious, I wouldn’t say that it’s the one that needs the most work. There should be an indication of what needs to be done besides the frantic pinging of one’s team mates. And if 2 players DC, leave during the mission, or are just dumb as bricks, the only way to beat it is with the above Bindleblast trick or with a character with a warp ability. At least in my experience the Varlesi keep spawning until the shard battery is smashed? Though I’ve found that eventually some tougher Varlesi start spawning (hunters, alphas, etc.) and it starts getting difficult to keep up.

I maintain that the most game-breaking aspect of the campaign so far is the ISIC Magnus fight, and how it’s stupidly difficult to solo with melee (or co-op with exclusively melee). This segment certainly needs work, but the ISIC fight, especially the final flying phase, really needs to get in a place where a Kelvin (a melee character with no ranged attacks) can solo it in a comparable time to a ranged character. Instead of taking what feels like an hour and a bucket of luck. El Dragon is in a similar boat, having extremely limited range when in the air.

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In that case, the game adjusts the number of pads. AFK is the real issue, since no adjustment to number of pads, enemies spawning, enemy health and damage, etc. take place in that situation. And that constitutes a massive gravitational anomaly…

I was going through some of my recorded clips from beta and cobbled this together, which illustrates the points in this thread pretty well. It begins after steps 1-4 in @Sornub’s outline had happened exactly as described:

Eventually I realized I could arc Attikus’ leap up onto the ledge and skip the launch pad altogether, which allowed us to continue, but then the mission presents the team with another set of pads and we’re back where we started.

The teammate in the clip was rank 1 and on their very first mission, so I don’t place too much blame on them for the delays. But as other folks in this thread have said, there must be a better solution to this situation than just having the rest of the team sit twiddling their thumbs for ten minutes. Particularly in the potential instance of it being caused by intentional griefing rather than by a lack of experience, which no amount of in-game instruction and communication will rectify.

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