Voids Edge performance issues

I noticed in multiple locations/moments where performance dropped. It felt like playing online and having huge lag/packet loss. I couldn’t interact with anything, couldn’t shoot. Audio played normal and then suddenly at one point audio/video was in slow motion. I kept clipping around the level. Playing on Xbox One. Single Player

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Mine is Algorithm suffers more lags than Voids Edge. But they both are totally lag even I set it to the lowest.

Talos Principle (other game) requires much higher spec but I can play it more smoothly than this game for weird reasons. And I did not set it to the lowest too.

I have to agree with you. the interesting part is.
The lag usually does NOT happen when theres firefights or background events. So it sometimes does not make sense!

Same with performance hits.
from 60 fps solid all the game, to suddenly 5fps when just looking around (no events, no enemies)