Volcano question

My question today is; Does the Volcano have different splash damage levels available?

I have used Volcanos numerous times, and it’s a good gun, but I often rely on something else.

However, this play through I picked one up and it seems like it has a much higher splash damage effect than previous one’s I’ve had. Lots of enemies dying from splash where in the past they’ve just been wounded.
The ever-reliable Wiki does not mention this, are there any parts experts who can comment on increased splash from a Volcano?

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Any incendiary sniper with a x4 should be able to produce the larger splash, I believe in the case of the volcano it works somewhat like a hellfire, in that it always produces some type of fire event… (which means there is no cost for small procs, much like a repeater) and a large tech pool which is gonna put out more of the big procs more often. It may also have an actual increase in the radius (which like some rocket launchers is not really noticeably and visually bigger) of the fireball. I’m not 100% on all that but it sounds right


The thing with the Volcano is it acts, roughly speaking, at two multiplier levels above what’s listed. So an x4 Volcano would be an x6 for any other Incendiary sniper. So, it’s not surprising if you get varying performance out of different Volcano rifles.

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