Voracidous the invinciable

can I get some help beating voracidous on ps3 im a level 72 kreig but im playing on level 61 difficulty so I can get gear for my Salvador

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Wait what? How are you level 72 playing at lvl 61?
Also it’s sal, just go get a Harold and a grog if you need gear

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I don’t think hammerlock scales once you enter it.

Why would everything else in UVHM scale besides that dlc? I’ll go check Tommrow to make sure

Tested it early
Lvl 62 sal who hadn’t started the dlc yet. Enemies from lvl 61-65 with the certain types which can spawn 3 lvls higher being lvl 65

I then hit lvl 63 and no longer saw lvl 61 enemies. Only lvl 62-66 counting the ones that can spawn 3 lvls higher.

Something is fishy with the OP

I don’t know how PS3 works, but maybe there is a way to get Kreig to 72 on one system and then play on a PS3 that doesn’t have the Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 2?

I wasn’t sure if any dlc scaled at all. But yeah. Fishy.

My interpretation of this is that you picked up this mission when you were at level 61, but now you are at level 72. Enemies will still scale to your level. This includes Vora, and any loot he drops. The only thing that stays at 61 is the mission reward, but that’s a customization, iirc, so it won’t matter.

The other guys already suggested Unkempt harold and a Grog, and I will second that suggestion. Get them with your Salvador, and then go take on Vora with him to get that… Interfacer, I’m guessing. :wink:

Post in the PS3 section if you need some help with that!


Voracious is a near impossible spawn. And yeah, OP is fishy. Give him the benefit of the doubt if you like, but if you have the second VH pack, you can’t get stuff to spawn below your level. Either he has the dlc stored offline in terms of how this is legit but it’s very unlikely tbh. DLC can’t be turned off on console without a jailbroken console and that’s iffy in itself. Save file tricks are possible.
Still, fishy OP. I’d be the guy to help you out though just cause I’m curious but i don’t have PS+.

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You don’t need PS+ to play online on PS3.

Moved to the relevant section. I guess OP could have simply removed the UVH2 patch from their PS3. It would be easy enough to put it back later.

Possible he downloaded a 72 save and played it however he doesnt have the uvhm 2 pack :wink:

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It happened to me back on 360 that due to not having my internet properly working, the game kinda loaded just uvmh1DLC, so i was able to be lv72 against lv 61 enemies but idk how this could be replicated intentionally

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UVHM is free now so shouldn’t be an issue to get it unless it is an internet issue? And I am pretty sure that all of UVHM scales as you go… as opposed to TVHM where it scales off the level you start the quest / enter an area

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