Voracidous the Invincible

This guy is killing me in TVHM. I could really use some help in ending him. ALso, me and my bro could use a third to help us finish UVM in BL2 and TPS. So…if you’re free and want to have some fun, we’d love to have you around! :smile:

My gamertag is AutobotMirage28. I’ll be on all day! :wink:

I’ll help add me singularlime57

What level are you for UVM on TPS? I recently started that difficulty and also looking for people to do Sub Level 13 achievement on TVHM or UVHM (If I get that far on UVHM)

I’m Level 70.

I’m Level 70. :smile:

Nice, I am LV 64 so I can help out some I guess, just add my gamertag and send me a friend invite :wink:

Gamertag: singularlime57